Zotpress foutopsporing- 1 item tweemaal binnen 1 alinea

When one Zotero item is cited multiple times the citations appear correctly, but the Zotpress wheel keeps spinning at the end of the bibiography.


First time citation of item L4HELQ2F and the second time within the same paragraph .  The citation are correct, but the wheel keeps spinning.

If these two citations are done in subsequent paragraphs the same error occurs.


Extra TEST: see what happens if we have another one:



Semel, E., Wiig, E. H., & Secord, W. A. (2010). CELF-4-NL Handleiding; Test voor diagnose en evaluatie van taalproblemen; Nederlandse bewerking: W.Kort, M.Schittekatte & E. Compaan (W. Kort, M. Schittekatte, & E. Compaan, Trans.; Derde). Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment. https://www.pearsonclinical.nl/celf-4-nl-test-diagnose-evaluatie-taalproblemen

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